Thanks for tuning in to the Adventures of Kickman! (and Generic Kung-Fu Superhero Sidekick)

I’m still working out the kinks in this new site, trying to get everything shiny and functional. You may notice by looking at the calendar of recent posts that I’ve been putting up one new comic a day. Which is a pretty darn fast pace. Like, Garfield fast.

Actually, the only reason that was happening was because most of those were re-posted from my old site over on Blogger. However, as of the final part of the Dry Spell chapter, I’ll be publishing all new content. So since you have to wait for me to write, draw and color now, I’ll only be posting one new comic a week. Probably on Wednesday although I’m not sure about that yet.

If anyone can show me with empirical data that any one particular day of the week is THE BEST day to publish your webcomic on, then I’ll go with that. Otherwise, I just picked Wednesday because they’re usually not that busy for me.