I was trying to get back onto a once a week release schedule, posting new strips every Sunday. However, based on my workload this week, the next episode will probably be delayed about a week. Of course if I had a few thousand Patreon supporters I could quit my job, become a full time actor, author, cartoonist — instead of being an actor, author, cartoonist with a full-time, soul-destroying job. For those of you who didn’t notice, there is now a Patreon ad link on the right sidebar of my strip and I got rid of the Google Adsense ad there. Based on the revenue generated by Google Adsense, I could probably cash out a payment of $100 in another 15 years. So, I’m switching to Patreon. Because literally, if I have one supporter that gives $1 per month, that will be more money than I will ever see from Google.