So finally finished this 16-part chapter on Selling Out. This was a bit surreal as my typical story writing goes. For example, Kickman and Generic Kung-Fu Superhero Sidekick are clearly autonomous even though they are characters following a script that was written for them. Also, how can they be free to perform their own actions when they are also reliant on an artist to draw them? I drove a fleet of trucks through the fourth wall and logic.

Also, although I had the idea for my genre-swapping story arc a while ago, I never pulled the trigger on starting it because I wasn’t totally confident of my ability to actually draw in Iron Age or Anime style. Which made me also realize, I’m not even sure what my existing style is. Some kind of hybrid between Silver Age and Archie I think. I think it works.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. New chapter starts on Sunday, and I’ll probably return to posting one part a week unless I pull way ahead of the curb.

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