End of Chapter! I feel like I’ve been scrambling to keep up with my regular weekly updates ever since doing the twice a week updates while my guest stars were appearing. I remember back in the good ‘ol days, at the beginning of 2017, when I had a buffer of like 6 comics…

Now that this chapter is over, I wanted to take another page here to thank the artists for allowing their characters to come over to my site to play. Be sure to visit their sites and see them in their own homes. As an added incentive, one of my visiting guest stars has STOLEN KICKMAN’s COFFEE MUG!

Find Kickman’s Mug by visiting these other webcomics. Comment back here when you discover the culprit and win a super prize! Seriously, I’ll set you up…. There’s no telling when or where the Kick-Fu mug will appear… so you should probably subscribe to their strips and check back daily. In fact, don’t come back here to my site without that mug!

…hey, wait a minute…


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