New vote incentive poster if you vote for Kickman over at Click on that button on the LEFT under the “Vote For Kicks.” This will take you to the voting page for Kickman, where after successfully answering a multiple choice question to prove that you are not a Russian bot, you will give Kickman a +1 vote uptick for this month!

This month’s vote incentive is a full-color poster of Amazon. She is in her all-primary colors original costume I designed for her. Until I decided that the Justice Rangers need to be more color coded and made her mostly all gold.

Anyway, go vote and ogle her. Also, you are allowed to vote once per day. I’m not saying that you HAVE to vote once per day. But if you happen to vote once, you may as well bookmark the voting page for Kickman. In fact, you could go ahead and make it your home page, so that every time you launch your browser it takes you right there. Really, it’s a small price to pay for THIS MUCH comic goodness.