So, you love the Adventures of Kickman and want to help spread the Gospel of Kick?

There are several ways you can help show your support for the comic, the artist and kicking in general.

  1. Share! See those buttons at the bottom of each strip? Share your favorite Kickman page on Facebook, Twitter, or send an email to your favorite aunt to show her that Kickman is twice as great as David Beckham.
  2. Comment! Believe it or not, webcomic artists do not make the big bucks. But a little bit of encouragement will go a long ways towards stoking our egos and keeping us writing/drawing/publishing our comic for years to come. Let’s face it, not all of my jokes are zingers and sometimes the comments section is twice as entertaining as my shtick. That’s a testament to the quality of Kickman readers (pardon me, “beloved” Kickman readers).
  3. Vote! See that voting link in the top left corner of the main page? Click on that and you can vote for Kickman at the TopWebComics web site. You are allowed to vote every day and the votes reset every month. Help me keep Kickman in the top 100 every month and eventually Hollywood will have no choice but to start writing a Kickman Movie.patreon
  4. Donate! Become a Patreon supporter. Even a small contribution will help keep me fed and also give you access to all kinds of top secret kicks. Patreon subscribers have access to strips in advance, usually up to 3 to 4 weeks before the rest of the muggles get to read them. It’s like you are receiving secret transmissions from the future. You’ll also get access to Kick Swag, Kickman eBooks, and Kickman greeting cards when those things actually start to exist. Even two subscribers donating just a dollar a month will at least pay for my webhosting and domain name. Click on the Beggin’ Poster to the right to view the Kickman Patreon page.

Thank you for reading Kickman. The next time someone asks you, “You Kick?” just give them a knowing half-nod as if to say, “Oh yeah… I kick.”