Can a vampire in mist form get dizzy if it doesn’t have fluid in its ears?

I wanted to make a little advertising slogan for “Spinal Tap Fans, Our fans go up to 11.” Because of course a luxury penthouse would have a ceiling fan that goes from zero to 60 in nothing flat.

So, Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler have traditionally had to be careful about materializing themselves inside a solid object and cutting themselves in half. What would happen if they phased or bamfed into a cloud of particles? Something like this scene I would imagine. Take a vampire in mist form, combine it with a cloud of ash from her recently deceased harem, get her dizzy enough that she regains physical form and absorbs a bunch of that crud into her body. Hopefully that look on her face in panel 4 captures her disgust and rage melded into the single emotion of “an-gross.”