Double-sized issue today. Ok, it’s a page with an extra frame, but it’s a really big frame. One final misdirect from Sidekick Matt. Also one of those time-bending scenes where the heroine says a complete sentence in mid-attack.

Also, “Heelspawn” is not a typo. It’s an inside joke for my buddy Ruben. 20-ish years ago we worked as volunteers for a Haunted House in Hawaii. We were put in charge of the final set, the Vampire Set. We had a whole scene choreographed where I was the vampire and he was a priest who repels me with a cross. Anyway, when the very first batch of people came through our set, Ruben desperately grasps his cross and yells out “Back, Heelspawn!”

Anyway, sorry for the late comic. I hope you enjoy.